If you're thinking of using Doddle for your delivery destination then you'll need to follow some steps. Please see the following which we have pulled from the doddle website:

  1. At the checkout, enter your Doddle ID (A) next to your name. This isn’t your driving license number – you’re given a Doddle ID when you sign up with us. (Don’t worry, we won’t be asking your age, either.) Your Doddle ID (A) just helps us identify you quickly. If it doesn’t fit next to your name, it can also go in the address field.
  2. Use the address of your favourite Doddle store as your delivery address. (B)
  3. We'll contact you as soon as your parcel arrives, and keep it safe until you can come and pick it up.

If you have any issues with the delivery you will be able to contact Doddle for further assistance.